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I've had people notice that I tend to be always online, mostly available, and often working. That leads to requests to see my office, assuming that it must be incredible to inspire such dedication. So, here it is: Earth
targus OK, that's a mild exaggeration. However, although I have an extremely well equipped office at home, an office in the building of my employer, (both in the Phoenix, AZ area) and even a folding chair in the data center were my employer co-locates the server farm, my Targus TCG650 backpack is what I can call my office anytime, anywhere. Unfortunately, after 4 years of carrying my gear, including a laptop (sometimes 2), schoolbooks, and other assorted stuff, one of the straps finally gave out. The good news is that I was able to replace it with exactly the same bag. This one should last longer. I keep less weight in this than in the original one as I almost never carry tools anymore (I can't get them through airport security). I should be invited to write a testimonial.
Of course the contents of said pack are what allow my productivity to be truly unfettered by location. My primary productivity tool is my Apple MacBook Pro. I currently use the "Early 2011" 15" model, with a 2.0 GHz Intel i7, 8 GB of RAM, and 500 GB HDD. I run OSX 10.6 SnowLeopard, MS Windows Vista Ultimate, Windows 7, and Ubuntu Linux (formerly using Parallels, but now Sun (Oracle) VirtualBox, because it's so much faster). This laptop is my thrid MacBook Pro, and the network name is "EZRI". and the only drawback I have with it is since upgrading to any OS later than Tiger, I am no longer able to run OSX Planet. Instead, I the background is a photo I took at Pebble Beach in the summer of 2004. I still have the details of an old MacBook here. EZRI
AT&T USB Adapter  Of course my mobile office requires connectivity. To get this, I use the AT&T USBConnect Mercury. It is difficult to grade this piece of hardware as good or not, because as a former user of both Verizon and Sprint, I can say that the quality of the AT&T data network (at least in Phoenix and Memphis) is very, very poor. Typically the connectivity is too spotty and slow to even web surf, let alone maintain a VPN connection to my office. I almost always get an EDGE connection, never 3G, and even that is poor. I still have the the details of my old Verizon card here. Believe me when I say if my employer at the time had not switched to AT&T, I would still be using the Verizon card.
What I like least about my laptop is the traditional Apple single button mouse. I overcome that handicap with this Microsoft Wireless Notebook Optical Mouse. It works well on tabletops, books, legs, etc. mouse 
battery  As you can see from the list of items so far, my mobile office requires quite a bit of electricity. The bad news is that on a good day, I can get about 90 minutes out of my laptop if I am using the cellular card for the entire session. I found that limitation annoying, so I searched until I found the Batterygeek SPPS200. Batterygeek promises 9 hours of laptop use from this model. I found that estimate conservative, and have had my laptop last up to 12 hours (including the internal battery). I give them my wholehearted endorsement.

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yes, there is still even more stuff in the pack...

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