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Here I continue to list the permanent contents of my Targus pack, also referred to as my "bag of tricks", "Mary Poppins bag", "mobile office", and "OMG, this is heavy".  targus
media player My Lexar USB 2.0 12-in-1 Card reader is perfect for those "can you open this file" moments that seem to come at least once a week. I like it because it is very light, has a cover you can close over the card slots, and it can use the single USB + PSP cable that I carry.
Ah, yes. The iPod. It had to be in there somewhere, didn't it? The iPod I carry is an old, 60 GB 5th generaton model. This particular iPod is covered by the invisibleSHIELD, and then encased in an iSee Crystal Clear Case by Contour Design. I also have iTunes installed everywhere. Could I upgrade to a newer one? Certainly, but since I don't have need of the functionality of a Touch, with 60 GB of storage, this works quite well. iPod 
I am also a huge fan of the Sony PSP. I admit that I wasn't terribly impressed with the concept when it came out, but a few friends got some, so I tried one out, and have loved it ever since. I actually use mine more for movies than games (I prefer watching ripped DVDs on PSP as opposed to iPod, as most of my movies are widescreen). Also, it just seems more comfortable to hold for long periods of time.
Typically I use my iPod ear buds to listen to sound from my laptop, iPod, or PSP. Sometimes however, I'm in loud environments like aircraft or a datacenter were the ear buds just don't make the cut. For times like those, or when I'm just in the mood for tuning out the rest of the world, and don't mind looking goofy as I do so, I have the Bose QuietComfort® 2 Acoustic Noise Cancelling® headphones. headphones
phone Even though the world is used to me going everywhere with the Targus pack on my shoulder, sometimes I just don't need EVERYTHING in it. For those times, I can get by (for short periods at least) with my Motorola Milestone 2 "Droid 2" Android Smartphone. With it I get my e-mail in real time from both my Exchange server and Windows Live Hotmail, have fairly snappy web browsing capability, and pretty much every other PDA related function you can think of. As a piece of technology, I love it, and find it more useful than my old AT&T Tilt, Verizon 6800 or Sprint 6700. Of course, I also enjoy being back on Verizon from the poorly performing AT&T network. I certainly don't miss slow data transfers or dropped calls.
An on and off passenger in my pack is my Amazon Kindle 2. This is one of the few technology items that I'm of two minds about. My wife gave it to me to help stem the tide of my ever growing book collection, and it is very convenient to carry large amounts of reading material in a small, convenient package. However, I am not a fan of DRM as it is applied to e-books. To have to buy books at near-new pricing, but then not be able to sell, loan, or give them to others is not something that I find acceptable. kindle
There are a few more items in the pack, 4 USB drives, a Cisco console cable, 4 AA and 4 AAA batteries, pens, and an ever changing rotation of books and DVDs. As I said earlier, I used to keep a set of tools in there as well, but as I can no longer get them through security when I fly, it became too much trouble. Even now my bag is the bane of TSA employees the country over.

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