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"Resources" to me are the software tools I use to do my job or to perform other functions I find useful or entertaining.

Operating Systems - the usual suspects

I use almost every mainstream OS available today. Operating systems and bundled apps are in order of used most often.

(At the moment, my favorite is Windows 7, x64.)
(All of my home servers are currently 2008 R2.)
I also usually have a command prompt or terminal window open.
Ping, traceroute, telnet, lookupd, and grep are your friends.

With those out of the way, I'll move onto more interesting stuff.

Very first thing I need on a new (Windows) workstation:
RSAT, formerly the
MS Adminpak
Because remote desktops in RSAT has "opportunities":
I have 5 IM accounts:
I still have 5 IM accounts - and although Trilian runs on Windows and my Droid, it does not run on my Mac...
(Trillian runs on Mac now!)
formerly Fire
I also administer non-Windows machines
I just love this site
One way that I watch for outages (from outside)
Troubleshoot Microsoft Exchange connectivity
Troubleshoot e-mail server issues
E-mail address verifier
Firewall tester
Free desktop sharing tool
Because I map my files across
4 different workstations
(and 3 operating systems)
Join now, we each get 250 MB of space!
Ever need to recover your
license key?
I download several newspapers and magazines to my Kindle every day - this tool saves me hundreds of dollars a month!
I like to watch movies on my PSP
I still like to watch movies on my PSP
I like to watch movies on my iPod
Webcam to website
Most useful free text editor ever
Mac application very similar to Notepad ++
I've had occasion to need to insert / remove ONE image from someone else's flash movie
Good for a quick scan to see
what's out there
For more detail about the
environment you're in
I am surrounded by people who password protect documents, then forget the password
What I use to parse my IIS logs
Nice set of Awstats enhancements
Graphical add-on for Awstats
How I track bandwidth (and other) histories
Ever forget what machine
that you remoted into?
I like them even more when I
can use them as network boot disks
They also need an OS
Mount an ISO from Windows
Make an ISO from Windows
Walk the SNMP tree
Web / Graphic design suite
Adobe Design Standard CS3
(no, I haven't upgraded yet)
Because there is no native way to sync
Outlook contacts with GMail
Uptime monitor - yes, I know Solarwind's Orion is more feature rich, but I love the web dashboards I can make with this...
Patch management - for when you want more than WSUS...
Productivity suites


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